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Niño travesti se hace famoso en las pasarelas de Nueva York


Con apenas 10 años de edad, el niño Desmond Napoles, se ha hecho notar en la Semana de la Moda, de Nueva York, en donde se promociona a sí mismo como el niño drag de la moda.

Repost from @andrewwerner. Backstage at @theblondsny at @nyfw. My jacket is by @thehouseofmann. . . . . . Hi! 👋 I’m 🌟 Desmond 🌟 from NYC. 🗽 . I’m a drag kid, dragutante, dragketeer, and draganista doing what I like to call kinderdrag 🍭. I’m a total drag slayer 🐉. I am also the youngest member of the original iconic pioneering voguing ballroom house, the House of UltraOmni. . I have the best 😘 fans, my AMAZIES! I am sincerely grateful for your love ♥ and support. . I call my looks ‘androgynously’ and my style 🎨 ‘avant drag’. I’m inspired by RuPaul, the fashions of the Club Kids and Blitz Kids, the artists Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, designers John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, and Commes Des Garçons, Nelson Sullivan videos, altdrag, and do-it yourself drag ✂. I design or style my own outfits. . I’m an awarded LGBTQ advocate. Marsha P. Johnson is a huge inspiration and motivation for me. My motto is “Be Yourself, Always” 🌈. . I am also the founder of the first drag house for drag kids, the @hausofamazing, set to open for membership soon (tentatively March 2018). .

1,756 Likes, 28 Comments – Desmond is Amazing (@desmondisamazing) on Instagram: “Repost from @andrewwerner. Backstage at @theblondsny at @nyfw. My jacket is by @thehouseofmann. . ….”

El menor que luce en las pasarelas maquillado y con atuendos especiales, caminó para la marca Gypsy Sport, aunque también él diseña sus propios estilos.

“¡Hola! Soy Desmond desde NYC”, se presentó a sí mismo en su Instagram.

“Soy un niño drag, dragutante, dragketeer y draganista haciendo lo que me gusta llamar kínderdrag. Soy un drag que arrasa. ¡Tengo los mejores fans, mis AMAZIES! Estoy sinceramente agradecido por su amor y apoyo”.

Repost from @daniellelevitt : . Our friend @Desmondisamazing walked in his first show during #NYFW for @gypsysport and TORE it. It gives us so much joy to watch this 10 year old person grow up. @Stephanieporto first introduced me to Desmond after he walked in the Pride Parade a few years ago. We shot him in 2016 for @boysbygirls magazine. Having worked with teenagers, youth, and marginalized people for so long, I am acutely aware of my subjects’ boundaries and Desmond was no different. At no point did me or my crew pressure him to perform or be something he thought I wanted him to be, instead we offered our platform and skills to him and allowed this young person to stand in his truth and express himself as he felt comfortable. I was honored and humbled to document this, and honestly it was fun as hell. Desmond is a visionary child – he loves pageantry, drag and the larger queer community. His favorite film is still “Paris is Burning”. When I met him, he dreamed of walking in a drag ball, of meeting @rupaulofficial and competing on Drag Race, and one day founding his own house. Today House of Amazing is a real thing and Desmond beams when he speaks about it. A child yes, but if there is one thing I have learned from my work it is listen. Children may have interests that wax and wane, but there is always passion and fire and it is my honor to create safe spaces where those passions can be seen, heard, and memorialized as my subjects dictate. BRAVO @DESMONDISAMAZING MAY WE ALL FOLLOW YOUR LEAD #DesmondIsAmazing #NYFW #Gypsysport @fentonjbailey @randybarbato

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Keith Haring, los diseñadores John Galliano, Alexander McQueen y Commes Des Garçons, los videos de Nelson Sullivan… Yo diseño o armo el estilo de mis propios atuendos”.