La increíble transformación del gato más triste del mundo

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La historia del felino Bruce Willis, considerado el gato más triste del mundo, ha sorprendido en las redes sociales por lucir feliz después de haber sufrido en las calles.

Bruce ingresó a un refugio de animales en Minnesota, Estados Unidos, con rasguños en todo su cuerpo, los dientes lastimados y una gran herida en el ojo.


Fue el amor de Sandra quien lo ha transformado, gracias al amor y un hogar que le ha brindado.

Bruce cambió notablemente, su conmovedora transformación del gato “más triste” a uno “más feliz”, fue registrado a través de un video que no ha tardado en volverse viral.

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A year ago today, I left work early to go to @animalhumanemn. I had been there several times to visit a cat named Bruce Willis. This day was different, though, because this day I was bringing him home. I’m not going to lie, the thought of adopting a former stray with several health issues scared me. It didn’t get better when I was about to fill out the paperwork and the shelter staff told me he would need dental surgery. It certainly didn’t get better when people visited his little room and he started biting them in their legs as they were trying to leave 🙈 I told myself that I could still back out, but as I looked into his sad eyes, I also realized that I couldn’t leave him there. When I saw his reaction when I brought him home, my worries went away. I’ve never seen a happier cat before! But let me be honest, we didn’t live happily ever after right away. There were many times I asked myself if I had done the right thing. Before I got him, I had never administered medications to a cat before. Now I had to do it up to 15 times a day. Sleepless nights, costly vet bills, behavioral issues, food allergies…it turned me into a wreck. I’m telling you this not to diminish our story in any way, but so that other people who are facing the same problems know that they’re not alone. It didn’t happen overnight, but slowly, our days got better. I found food that he could eat, he didn’t need any more medications, and he started sleeping all night next to me on what has now become his pillow. Today it has been one year since I brought him home and I wouldn’t change a thing. So much has happened in our lives and in the world since then, and I’m so happy to have him by my side. Happy Gotcha Day, Brucie ❤️❤️❤️

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